Routes for walking

u007The Schwarzwaldhochstraße is one of the most beautiful routes to ride in the Black Forest. This route (B500) runs from Baden Baden to Freudenstadt and is popular to drive by car and by motorcycle. The beautiful nature and all the different activities which are possible to do along this road, like routes for walking around, small lakes, castles, waterfalls and in Winter many ‘langlauf’ possibilities, make this route all together so unique.

The Lotharpad shows you the destructing effect of the hurricane Lothar which stormed over the Black Forest in 1999. Follow the footpath that has been made of trees which broke down during the hurricane. This walk, which takes about one hour, is really worth while.

• Distance Baiersbronn-Lotharpfad: +/- 18 km.

Nearby the Mummelsee is the Hornisgrinde, a formal military area (till 1996) and nowadays it is an adventure path. Via a formal military watchtower there runs an adventure path across wooden platforms and steep slopes, in a wonderful landscape. On your way you’ll get to know more about the local nature via information boards. The short walks to and on the top of the Hornisgrinde are really to recommend.

• Distance Baiersbronn-Hornisgrinde(Mummelsee) about 20 km.