u005The convent All Saints
The convent All Saints is a beautiful ruin with a very delightful waterfall. The history about this convent is a long story where you can read about at this place. Really worth while to visit this place.

• Distance Baiersbronn-The convent All Saints about 20 km.

A walk around the lake in Sankenbachtal is worth to do. About halfway you have the possibility to climb about 300 meters up to admire an impressive waterfall.

• Distance Baiersbronn-Sankenbachtal about 1 km.

Bad Rippoldsau
Nearby Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach is a real sensational waterfall in the forest. You can visit it for free.

• Distance Baiersbronn-Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach about 25 km.

Triberg Waterfalls
The waterfalls of Triberg are so called the highest waterfalls in Germany. The route you can walk there has a distance of 2 kilometers and runs along the waterfalls. It is also suitable to walk it with young children. Next to the waterfalls is a small park where the kids can play: ‘abseilen’ ,clamber and walk over suspension bridges. Nearly opposite the waterfalls you find the Schwarzwald museum where the life in former times is showed. Folkloric costumes, organs, small trains, clock en so on, will take you back in the time of the past. This is also interesting to see for children.

• Distance Baiersbronn-Triberg: +/- 67 km.