Freudenstadt is a social town with small terraces, cloths boutiques and large warehouses.This place is known as the town wit hits many fontains, Regular several summermarkets are organized,like the Africamarket en before Christmas there is afcourse a Christmasmarket.

• Distance Baiersbronn-Freudenstadt: +/- 5 kilometers

BadenBaden is a beautiful town with a rich history. Thera are quite a lot small restaurants, shops, en terraces. Delightful situated parks and historic buildings make it all complete. Except viewing the old bathhouses (altes dampfbad) ,there also is the possibility to pamper yourself by having a massage, enjoy the sauna or bath in a large thermal bath. The new castle Engelwiese is next to the ‘altes dampfbad’ . You cannot go into the castle itself, but the gardens are free to walk through. In the surrounding of Baden-Baden are many castles, fortresses, routes to walk and beautiful vieuws. To help you to make a choice about the castle you want so visit, it is best to by a small map with an overview in Baden-Baden at the local tourist information. In the Trinkhalle.

We advise you a few:

The Altes Schloss has a wonderful view over Baden-Baden. In eastern direction there is ruone Ebersteinburg with a beautiful view as well. The other castles in the surrounding are Kloster Lichtental, Schloss Favorite, Schloss Eberstein and Schloss Neuweier. It is also possible to go by a small cableway from Baden-Baden to the watchtower Liegeweisse. You can have here a nice walk.

You might understand that you can not do this in one day, but it is worth it all the way.

• Distance Baiersbronn-Baden-Baden: +/- 45 kilometers

Strasbourg is situated in France (near the German border) and is an old France city. Many social terraces and bistro´s. There is a science museum (La Vaisseau) which is really fun for children and for grown-ups as well. You can do some instructive experiments over there. Several scientific items are to be seen and done and it is really worth while to spend a complete day over here.

• Distance Baiersbronn-Strasbourg: +/- 70 kilometers