Parks of senses

Barfusspark Hallwangen
Nearby Dornstetten is the Barfusspark. During a walk of 2, 4 kilometers on barefoot you discover how it is to experience different kinds of materials under the soles of your feet. You walk over wood, stones, grass, clay, bark and also in warm and cold water. The park is opened daily from the beginning of May until half October. The entry is for free, however you pay some for the parking your car.

• Distance Baiersbronn-Dornstetten (Hallwangen) about 15 kilometers

Park mit allen Sinnen
The Park mit allen Sinnen (Park of all senses) is a park where you’ll use all your sense organs during a beautiful walk around. The park lays between Gutach and Wolfach at the B33. During this walk, which takes about two hours, you walk two kilometers barefoot across all kinds of small roads. On the way there are several places where your nose, hands, and ears will be stimulated. Also nice to do this with young children. At the end of the walk there is a possibility for a drink or something to eat.

• Distance Baiersbronn-Wolfach about 40 km.
• Distance Baiersbronn-Wolfach-Gutach about 38 km.