Museums and caves

Fans of model trains should not miss a visit to the Schwarzwald Modelbahn Museum in Hausach. You can go there by car via the B33, but also by train is possible because the museum is right oppostite to the railwaystation. This is also the start location of the real Schwartzwaldbahn.

• Distance Baiersbronn-Hausach about 45 kilometers

Neubulach Caves
Neubulach Caves, museum of minerals and sanatorium for people with respiration problems. In Neulach you can visit real caves which origin started more than thousand years ago. During the past years it became deeper, by new made stairs, as seekers became active to look for silver. Really worth to visit this caves, opened from half April until October. The museum in Neubulach shows you all kinds of mine minerals, malachite and azurite and much more are here to be admired.

• Distance Baiersbronn-Neubulach about 40 kilometers

Frelichtsmuseum Vogtbauerhof
On a short distance from the Park of all Sences (see: Park of all Senses) you find the Frelichtsmseum Vogtbauernhof (at the B33) \. This open air museum shows the Black Forest in former days. It is suitable to spend there a half day and it is also nice for young children. You can take your time to observe the farms and buildings from the past. There is a possibility to take part in several workshops and there are also different kind of demonstrations. Around you find some restaurants and souvernirshops.

• Distance Baiersbronn-Wolfach about 40 kilometers