P1080674Actively or relaxed walking in the snow? The Black Forest offers you many possibilities for winter sports. In Baiersbronn and surrounding you can really enjoy yourself. There are ski-lifts which lead you to the height of a training talus of a ski piste of 1000 meters and to toboggan run and langlauf places.

Walking in the snow
Who once has experienced the purity of the different types of winter landscapes, knows that the snow is much more than just walk through the wet/cold white matter. With smooth blue skies, beautiful views, rest and space you experience winter sports in a much different way. All sorrows disappear when you walk through the snow, Rest and peace come instead.


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Remember that you are obliged to have snow tyres for you car during the Winter period in Germany.

To hire skies, snowboards, langlauskies and other things for Winter sports you can go to:

  • Sport Klumpp, Baiersbronn
  • Sport Frey, Klosterreichenbach
  • Sport FaiƟ, Mitteltal